“I offered them what I had…the chance to build a dream if they were willing to work hard.”-Brig and Lita Hart, MonaVie Black Diamond’s

My name is Brig Hart. I’m a Crown Ambassador with the MonaVie business. I really enjoy the success I have found with this business, but I’m going to back up and tell you a little about where we came from, where we are today, and where we’re going.

Early Life
I was born in 1952 in Dallam, Florida to Bob and Cornelia Hart. My dad was a Stetson graduate. He met my mom in Dallam and this is where they decided to raise a family. I have an older brother and two younger sisters. My dad had an entrepreneurial spirit. He was a builder and opened up his own business. Growing up, Leed and I were both kids of hardworking parents who had tremendous work ethic, but by no means were we abundantly blessed.
I owned three cars before I was 16 and had my license. They were used, but I took care of them. They were paid for and I enjoyed that. Christmas was always fun because I bought myself everything I wanted, wrapped it up, and put it under the tree. Yet I was always out working, always motivated and looking for something more. It wasn’t for the material things, but rather because it was fun to set a goal and go after it. I guess you could say I was born with an entrepreneurial spirit like my father.
I got in a little trouble during my senior year by skipping school a lot. It was juvenile trouble, nothing malicious, but it seemed like I was headed down the wrong road. Surfing drew me in. If the sun was shining, I was out surfing. Mom and dad were always there to greet me whenever I got home, along with the school truant officers. The problem was that I was bored with school. I was a dreamer. I always wanted something better, bigger, and faster, and I went after it.

Military Service and Discipline
Our country went to war with Vietnam while I was in high school. Many of my friends who were graduating a year before me were going right into the service. In 1970, they re-implemented a full blown draft lottery. I had gotten into some trouble and was thinking about leaving the country. I wasn’t excited about the war and what happened to my friends, so I thought Canada was a good place to go. I started singing, but I didn’t remember the words so that didn’t really work out for me. I was packed up and sent off to Paris Island right out of high school. When I arrived, I quickly realized this place wasn’t messing around. I was surrounded by other kids my age and we were scared to death. They were training us to do one thing only: survive.
When training was complete, they were immediately shipping kids off to Vietnam. I served for two years in 1970 and 1971. It turns out I ended up loving being able to fight for the United States and I received three meritorious promotions. I felt immense pride for my country. Even though I was heartbroken for my friends that didn’t make it back, it taught me something: discipline. Any athletic thing they put me in, I won.

Early Entreprenuership
However, the marine corps was not where I wanted to be forever. It was no place to be if you wanted to be financially successful. I was making $360 a month at the most. When I got out of the marines, I was free spirited. I wanted to regain those couple of years. A friend and I decided to travel the country. We only had
about $300, but we lasted for about 2 ½ months. We went out to the west coast and surfed. Huntington Beach was one of my favorites. The pier out there is amazing, and we just had a wonderful time. We were sleeping in a van, we didn’t care! We were young and free, and maybe a little naïve.

I didn’t have a plan when it came to working, but as money got low, I ended up back on the east coast in Jacksonville Beach. I stayed with my brother Dave for a while. We used to talk in the evenings about what we loved to do, and that was surfing. We decided to try and make a living doing what we love. We somehow scrounged up about $1,200 and opened up Hart’s Surf Shop in 1973.
Everyone thought we were crazy and told us we couldn’t do it. About three years later, we opened another surf shop and expanded our inventory. We had become little entrepreneurs! Hart’s Surf Shop was becoming well-known because we were surfers ourselves. We talked with other surfers when were in the water, and we would open the shop any time we could sell something, even at night. Most other surf shops wouldn’t do this. They had a 9-to-5 mindset, but not Dave and I! We had to do what we had to do, so for five years we put in time.

However, in 1978 the economy got pretty tough. Gas prices skyrocketed and was thirty-eight cents a gallon; we thought we’d never make it. Surfers and skateboarders use petroleum-based product to care for their boards, so these prices affected us in a major way. After five years of working seven days a week, 8 -18 hours a day, building our dream and finally getting a little taste of freedom, we were broke. Actually, we were beyond broke. We were to a point where I couldn’t pay an eighteen-dollar light bill.
We were living in the surf shop and in April of 1978, I hit rock bottom. I slid into a state of depression that I couldn’t find a way out of. I didn’t have any answers. I didn’t know how to turn it around. We had to close most of the surf shops. We were back down to only one, and then my vehicle was repossessed. It was a very difficult time in my life.

How To Succeed In Network Marketing
Right around that time, I met a man named Doug who told me about an opportunity to make some money.
He invited me to a meeting and told me to wear business attire. Well, long-haired hippie surfers don’t usually own business attire, so I didn’t show up at the meeting. The next day, Doug came by the shop and asked me what happened. I told him the truth: that I didn’t own a tie, and that I didn’t want to embarrass him or myself.
He sat me down at a little table in my shop and introduced me to something that would change my life. He drew some circles on a piece of paper and showed me the industry of networking. He talked about how everyone does a small amount of business to create a big business. I didn’t understand much of what he was talking about, but I asked what it would take to get involved. The answer was money, somewhere between the amount of three and four hundred dollars, and I didn’t even have eighteen dollars to pay a light bill. I asked him if he was willing to take a check. Thankfully he was, and he ordered everything I needed for me. I lost sleep over the next three days looking at that circle on the paper.
Less than two weeks later, Doug called to tell me that my check had bounced. I had to sell a wet suit, TV, and surfboard to get the money and be able to enter the networking industry. I did not do well when I first started. My friends were not interested in that type of business, but they also were not the kind of people you wanted with you in a business anyway! Technically, I was a failure. I didn’t make it, but I also didn’t quit.

Critical, Life Changing Event
One of the men who befriended me told me, “I’d love to help you, but there are some things that you’re going to have to change in your life, and the change has to come from the inside out!”
This is the man that introduced me to the Lord. He shared scriptures with me and taught me that I could have a new life if I were willing to surrender my old one to Jesus Christ.
That moment was a major turning point in my life. He told me to bow my head and close my eyes, and together we prayed. There were no lightning bolts or anything, but I knew there had been a change. I realized that I had been looking at people to get me where I wanted to go. But by changing my heart and seeing things the way the Lord saw them, I saw people as precious individuals.
I could now love other people since I had also learned to love myself. I went out and started networking again with a different perspective. I was focused on what I could do to help others. I offered them what I had, the industry of a network, and the chance to build a dream if they were willing to work hard. Within three months, I had made ten times more money than I had made in my full time job in an entire year!

Success and The Entrepreneurial Spirit
The entrepreneurial spirit had kicked in and my dreams were growing every day. It felt like I had the world in the palm of my hand. I truly believed that I could do anything I wanted to if I was also willing to help other people get what they wanted. I started reading good books and listening to others. I was becoming a different person by what I was exposing myself to. Things were really changing for me! I met my wife Lita at a business opportunity meeting and fell in love with her immediately. So networking really does have it’s benefits!
I had a list of what I was looking for in a woman, and she met all of the criteria on that list. Within four and a half months of meeting each other, we were married! We’re coming up on twenty-seven years now. It’s been marvelous. If I met her again today, I’d remarry her.
As a young couple, Lita and I had big dreams and goals. We were ready to run for it and get things done. We started having children and it was a balancing act trying to take care of the children and the business. But it was all part of life. Lita and I were able to achieve a high level of success in most people’s eyes. We had a beautiful home on the ocean. We were able to travel whenever we wanted to.

History of Monavie and Mona Vie’s Acai Berry Juice
However, the business was going through some changes as well. The Internet and the way people conduct business started to change things. Brig and I saw that and began looking at other options in order to reach our goals.
Liquid nutritional beverages seemed to be the “buzz” in networking. I’m not an Internet-savvy person, so my kids Googled liquid fruits puree for me, and it got us 10,000 results. I hired a guy to go through all 10,000 of those hits. He found me four, which led me to what I consider to be a divine appointment.

We flew to Salt Lake City to meet a man named Dallin Larsen at this small, dingy building. It was the first time I had ever seen or spoken to Dallin. I immediately admired his character and it seemed like God had intended for this meeting between to occur.

He let me drink his product and I was pleasantly surprised. It was delicious. He then took me on a tour while telling me about the product. I’d heard enough about the acai berry to know there was something to it. There was so much we had in common about what we wanted to do. I told him if the power of God was still in my life, then I’d go back home and he will have a blessed business. If it was not still in my life, he would never hear from me again. Don’t worry; I’ll just drink the product.”
I went home and gave seven bottles to my neighbors as housewarming gifts. I told them, “Here’s to a healthy, happy, more prosperous life from me to you with MonaVie.” Those seven people came to my house and asked me if I would present MonaVie to their friends. I wasn’t exactly sure how I was going to do it, but I agreed. I had the story DVD and the MonaVie drink, so we hosted a Mona Vie Tasting Invitation party. The bottom line of networking is exposing new people to the product and the program, so that is what we did.
The first year in business we had just one MonaVie product. One small group of seven people doing tasting parties turned into twenty-six. The next week it turned into sixty-eight, and the next week it turned into one hundred and twenty-seven people. The business grew at a phenomenal rate. I’m not sure how many millions we created, but it got to the point where we were gaining thousands of new people every week.

Starting With The MonaVie Business
In 2005 when we started our MonaVie business, we had to take the acai berry juice with us. When it didn’t fit into the trunk, we upgraded to a Hummer. We put the seats down and filled it up and continued to do tastings until even the Hummer couldn’t hold all of the acai berry fruit juice. We purchased our first trailer, and some people laughed at us pulling up to their meetings. But nobody left without juice. At this point, we now have tractors and busses with huge trailers.
We started out with a very small, home-based business, and we are still a part of that today. One-on-one meetings with customers and home tasting parties are still the basis of this business.
We signed every person up, whether they were a drinker or a builder, and we had exponential growth by the end of the first year. Dalan, Henry, and I sat down and talked about the higher levels and we decided if I’m doing ten times more than all of the Diamonds I broke, maybe we ought to be a different level. So we created Black Diamond, the new club! It was our second year in business, and we broke seventeen Black Diamonds and a hundred and twenty-seven Diamonds.
Evidently, something was working. The product was really taking off.

Mona Vie Downline
The nutritional beverage market is hot, and the acai berry is in the news. People were coming from all over the country to come to our tasting parties. In the third year, everyone continues to help each other, and we’re strategically building the business. The rewards are through the roof. The new levels are established: Blue, Black and beyond. We broke thirty-three Black Diamonds in and three hundred and thirty-three Diamonds. This was so exciting!
Never before in the history of network marketing had anyone ever achieved this in such a short time period. Friends are helping friends; we are all connected. We made it through 2008, a very tough time, but we continued to grow. We broke over forty Black Diamonds and over 300 hundred Diamonds, and we are now a billion-dollar company.
Lita and I went through all of the ranks in four years, created each of those levels, Black, Royal, Presidential, Imperial and Crown. We are now going into the fifth year, and Lita and I aren’t done yet. We want to go further. We want to help people, because people have big dreams. People want something more. People have adopted our culture.
We don’t want to be the best business in the world; we want to be the best business for the world. We’re ready to touch one person, one family, one city, one state, one country at a time, and then the world. We’re looking for other people that are willing to fight for something more in life and achieve their dreams and goals, so let’s make it happen! It will be the best thing you ever do for your life.

God bless!


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